Unlocking New Food Horizons: 7 Clever Tricks to Encourage Picky Eaters to Try New Foods

Dealing with a picky eater can be very frustrating. This is why I am sharing these 7 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Picky Eaters Try New Foods.

How To Make Picky Eaters Want To Try New Foods

I know the feeling. We’ve all been there! You try your best to give your kids the best balanced meals. You make an effort and buy organic foods, and spend your free and precious time cooking for your family. And the result is…..REFUSAL. Refusal to even tasting a little tiny bit!

No matter how hard you try, the reality is most kids can be picky at times. Even the most adventurous happy eater can have a few picky eating stages. But here’s the good news: Also the pickiest kids can turn into adventurous eaters!

Don’t give up! Try again…. and again… and again. With time, kids will learn to appreciate textures and flavors. You just need a little creativity and lots and lots of patience.

7 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Picky Eaters Try New Foods

Remember that picky eaters can be very stubborn. Don’t fight it! Keep introducing new foods and you will see that using these 7 brilliant hacks really work! If you are interested in more tips to help picky eaters, please see my 5 Tips For Raising Healthy Non-Picky Eaters.

1. Involve them in the process

Go shopping with your kids and let them pick their own foods. I think this is a wonderful learning experience as well. Teach your kids where their food comes from! Let them pick healthy options like their favorite fruits and veggies. Taking your kids to a farmer’s market is also a wonderful fun and learning activity!

Involve them in the cooking process too. Kids love to help parents cook. Let your kids help you in a way that is safe and age appropriate. My son loves mixing sauces and dough. He also helps me decorate some dishes, like thisCaprese Salad Kabobs.If they feel like they were part of the process, they will be more willing to try new flavors.

2. Blend it

This is such a brilliant hack! Making smoothies is one of the best ways to incorporate vegetables and other ingredients that kids usually want to stay away from. I am talking beets, kale, cucumber, or celery. You can make delicious smoothies that are full of goodness. Little by little try to incorporate the veggies in the fruit smoothies. A small step towards the goal of having kids eat salads!

3. Transform it

Re-brand, re-spin and re-package for all it is worth. Name dishes after your kids’ favorite characters, use funny made-up names, and think of new ways to prepare and serve up food. Foods that picky eaters usually love like pasta and chicken nuggets? Transform them!

Incorporate healthy ingredients and turn them into nutritious options! Cut fruits with fun cutters, make veggies nuggets, avocado pesto pasta, or quinoa mac and cheese!

4. Hide it

You just need to be a little creative and incorporate healthy ingredients in foods that you know your kid will eat. What about this Cauliflower Alfredo recipe? It is brilliant! If your kids absolutely refuse to eat certain foods, you can use your imagination and hide them first! Then slowly but surely, start to uncover the hidden ingredients back into their plates!

5. Put it on a stick

Isn’t food more fun when it is skewered? Sort of like fancy finger foods for toddlers. By putting food on a lollipop stick, straw or kebob skewer, your child might be willing to try new and different things. Fruits are great and make perfect healthy snacks.

You can see my Fun Fruit Pop Ideas post for full details. All you need is fresh fruit and some sticks.

6. Freeze it

For some strange reason, kids love frozen things. You can use your smoothie blends and put them in fun ice pops molds. A few hours in the freezer and there you go! Ice pops that are healthy and super fun. Another great way to encourage your kids to try new flavors! My favorite and most popular idea from the 7 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Picky Eaters Try New Foods!

My favorite ice pops molds are the Mastrad Ice Pop Molds. They are super easy to clean and the perfect size for a toddler or small kid. My kids love these molds!

7. Play with it

It is so important for kids to have a good relationship with food. This is why experts agree that babies who are learning to eat should do it with their hands. Touch it, smell it, play with it! Food is also fun!

You can count peas, decorate the plate, or use cutters to eat food in a creative and fun way! This Food Face Dinner Plate is just perfect for that! Your kids will be entertained and more willing to try new foods! It is like thinking that food is cool…….and it sure is!

Hope this 7 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Picky Eaters Try New Foods post inspires more families to try new foods. This is really the goal of my page. Creative and healthy fun food ideas for the entire family.

If you are interested in reading more about my blog, please check out my latest articles. I am a mom blogger who believes in the power of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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