DIY Fabric Softener: 2 Natural Ingredients for Homemade Solution

Yes, you can make your own natural fabric softener with only 2 ingredients. Avoid chemicals that can cause health problems, and use all natural ingredients that will make your clothes smell heavenly with this super easy DIY idea.

How To Make Your Own Fabric Softener Without Using Chemicals

I don’t like artificial fragrances for my home because they give me allergies and I know they are not the best for my kids. Recently, I came up with a great idea to make my home smell like fall naturally. So now, I  decided also to make my clothes smell great and feel extra soft without the use of chemicals. Using natural products and avoiding chemicals is one of the best things you can do for your family and the environment.

For my home, I usually buy Free & Clear Natural Laundry Detergent and soaps, but the reality is, they are kind of boring. I want my clothes to smell good, fresh, clean, and I also want my clothes to feel super soft. This natural fabric softener idea using only 2 ingredients was the ideal solution to my problem.

You only need 2 super simple ingredients for your natural fabric softener: Epsom Salts and your favorite essential oil.

Add Baking Soda To Remove Stains And Essential Oils For Natural Scents

If you want to remove stains, you can also add baking soda. Baking soda does wonders when it comes to removing unwanted stains. Give it a try and see stains disappear. Honestly, I believe baking soda is better at eliminating stains than most commercial stain removers. Another fabulous, simple, and powerful natural ingredient you can incorporate when you do your laundry.

I also love how my clothes smell with my favorite essential oil. My favorite scents are lemon or lavender but you can pick your own depending on your personal preference. At home, I like to buy a Free & Clear Natural Laundry Detergent and just add this homemade fabric softener each time I do my laundry.

If you have kids at home, make your own natural fabric softener and create a product that is so perfect for sensitive skins. It is completely harmless, effective, and all you need is just a couple of simple ingredients. You can now soften your clothes in a completely natural way.

You Only 2 Ingredients To Make Your Own Natural Fabric Softener

Commercial fabric softeners are filled with chemicals that can cause skin irritation and allergies. Babies, young children, older adults and people with eczema or other skin conditions are more likely to experience a reaction to fabric softener due to increased skin sensitivity (SOURCE). Benzyl acetate is linked to pancreatic cancer if absorbed into the skin or inhaled. Benzyl alcohol causes irritants to the upper respiratory tract, and chloroform is a carcinogen and a neurotoxin. On top of that, commercial fabric softeners are bad for the environment as they are typically petroleum-based, which isn’t biodegradable and is a non-renewable resource.

The good news is when you make your own fabric softener, you can choose what goes into it. You can incorporate the use of different essential oils and create wonderful scents. For those of you who really want a stronger smell, add a few more drops of essential oils to your homemade fabric softener. I can assure you will absolutely love the smell of your clothes.

Epsom salts are great for your health

We always have Epsom Salts and essential oils available at home. You can take detox baths, decongest, or simply make your home smell great. There are many good uses for these two natural and super awesome ingredients.

My daughter was having problems with some eczema and switching to a natural fabric softener helped a lot! She has very sensitive skin and this is the reason why we avoid artificial scents as much as possible. Switching to natural care products, free and clear detergents, and this fantastic natural fabric softener finally took care of her eczema.

No more commercial fabric softeners for me! It really feels great to substitute artificial products for natural ones. Little by little I like to make these improvements and transform my home into a more chemical-free place. Really, it makes me feel better knowing I am also helping the environment.

Go ahead and try it for yourself! You can Make Your Own Fabric Softener With Only 2 Natural Ingredients and store it in a mason jar tightly closed with a lid to maintain freshness. It really works! My clothes came out of the dryer feeling super soft and smelling wonderfully. This homemade product smells so good, you won’t go to the store to find commercial fabric softeners ever again.

Natural Fabric Softener

  • Author: GodSaid
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes


You can make your own fabric softener with only 2 simple ingredients and avoid chemicals and artificial fragrances. A natural alternative for families looking for safe and natural products. Good for you and the environment


  • 2 cups Epsom Salts
  • 20 drops of essential oils (Use your favorite one)
  • 1/2 cup baking soda *optional if you want to remove stains


  1. Place two cups of Epsom Salts into a container or mason jar and add the essential oils. You can use lemon, a refreshingly bright scent, or any other essential oil you like.
  2. Stir well and make sure the container lid fits snugly to keep everything fresh.
  3. You can also add baking soda if you want to remove stains but it is totally optional.
  4. You only need to use 2-3 tablespoons mixed with your laundry detergent for each full load you wash.

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